Identity Suite

Fraud issues vary by industry and Equifax’s fraud solutions have been effectively applied in combating fraudulent activity at thousands of companies. Products within Equifax’s Identity Suite are specifically designed to automate the business processes that many companies are handling manually.

You can choose the products that best fit your needs:

1. Identity Component Verification
  • Equifax Identity Scan is the first step in identifying fraudulent activity such as fraud victim alerts, misused Social Security numbers, hot addresses, and suspicious phone numbers. Identity Scan leverages more than a dozen up-to-date public and proprietary database sources to effectively detect potential identity theft and application fraud. Effective screening is the critical first step in leveraging the Equifax Identity Suite to further interrogate and identify suspicious activity.
  • Equifax Account Verify confirms that account numbers presented by a consumer are accurate and belong to that consumer. Account Verify also provides verification of name and address, in addition to any fraud or military alerts which may be on the consumer file.
  • Equifax SSN Affirm is a fast, efficient tool that helps reduce the risk of loss caused by synthetic identity fraud. A vital tool in your overall ID fraud prevention program, SSN Affirm uses a proprietary comparison algorithm, based on Social Security number (SSN) and consumer ID, to alert you whether these elements match or whether they are being used by other identities.
2. Pattern & Behavioral Checks
  • Suspicious ID detects patterns across institutions and industries that are indicative of fraudulent activity in real time. Equifax’s unique dataset, analytics and proprietary matching logic, combined with our in-house risk and fraud expertise, provide important insights into application activity that is not available anywhere else. Suspicious ID provides early fraud detection that cost-effectively isolates high risk applications without negatively impacting your customer’s experience with unreasonable false positive rates – the numbers prove it.
3. ID Risk Assessment
  • eIDcompare is an economical identity validation solution for lower-risk (or low-dollar value) Internet transactions. With just a few pieces of information, eIDcompare can validate that an identity is legitimate or if the identity is associated with any potential fraudulent activities.
4. Authentication
  • eIDverifier is an Internet-based service that authenticates a consumer’s identity by presenting multiple-choice questions to the applicant that should only be known by that actual consumer. This patented interactive session binds the applicant to the identity information entered and leverages a statistical model that provides a fraud index score as part of the overall assessment.
  • Anakam’s progressive two-factor strong authentication capability allows organizations to introduce strong authentication for consumers, employees or partners, in any order, and at any security level depending on customer needs, budget and imminent threats.
5. Manual Review
  • POSITIVE ID (and DTEC) uses the applicant’s Social Security number (SSN) to verify identity information before service is established. Searching the Equifax nationwide consumer credit reporting database — plus additional online databases if requested — POSITIVE ID quickly returns match results that include full name, current and former addresses, age and employer when available, and other names and addresses associated with the applicant’s SSN.