Suspicious ID

Introducing Equifax Suspicious ID. Now you can better reduce fraud charge-offs and increase activation rates without negatively impacting the customer experience.

Businesses are challenged with detecting increasingly sophisticated fraud attempts. Growing reliance on online channels and a marketplace where “instant credit approvals” are often demanded presents even greater opportunities for skilled fraudsters. Although traditional identity screening can help identify synthetic and true-name fraud attempts, you need a fraud solution that identifies behavioral patterns that are difficult for fraudsters to fake.

Suspicious ID detects patterns across institutions and industries that are indicative of fraudulent activity in real time. Equifax’s unique dataset, analytics and proprietary matching logic, combined with our in-house risk and fraud expertise, provide important insights into application activity that is not available anywhere else. Suspicious ID provides early fraud detection that cost-effectively isolates high risk applications without negatively impacting your customer’s experience with unreasonable false positive rates – the numbers prove it.

Our Solution is Different
Equifax Suspicious ID can detect patterns that otherwise would go unnoticed because of our unique technology that:
  • Monitors identities across dozens of industries, thousands of institutions, and billions of identity and credit events to find suspicious activity that any single institution couldn’t see on their own
  • Returns real-time views into velocity and behavioral patterns that look at identity events in time frames as small as seconds
  • Uses our proprietary keying technology to effectively validate the components of an individual’s identity - thereby driving down false positive rates
Suspicious ID is a full featured velocity and pattern detection product that provides many benefits to our customers.

Identity Suite
Equifax Suspicious ID is an important part of our complete Identity Suite solution: